Staff and Ministries


Matt & Bev Hale

Matt and Bev Hale were a part of a Navigator Collegiate ministry as students, then as staff, before moving to central Detroit in 2003. Since then, their focus has been to love their neighbors while growing an intentional community of people committed to Jesus and to one another. Together they seek to live out The Kingdom through practices like worship, prayer, hospitality, racial reconciliation, alternative economics, and whole life discipleship.
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Jim & Linda Haralson

After many years of service in Mexico with the Navigators reaching university students, young professionals and families, Jim and Linda returned to the USA and joined The Navigators Detroit Metro Mission. Jim and Linda are committed to being about Christ and His kingdom and are on an on-going journey of learning from others about their cultures, and as a result have grown in passion for justice and racial reconciliation. Jim and Linda have had the privilege to serve others through Listening and Inner Healing Prayer, Relational Healing and through Prepare and Enrich (a marriage enrichment instrument). They have led and served the I:58 community in Detroit and they also seek to reach and disciple urban and immigrant families. Jim and Linda serve the I:58 community nationwide, visiting and encouraging our I:58 Navigators staff and families.

Befkadu & Elizabeth Meshesha

Befkadu, Ethiopian Navigator staff, came to Detroit in 2009. Together with his wife, Elizabeth, the Mesheshas are serving urban youth and their surroundings as associate I:58 staff. While Elizabeth works in healthcare, Befkadu works in an IT field and uses his technical skills to serve Detroit Navigators.
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John & Jacky Weidman

John and Jacky Weidman have been married for 27 years and have 4 adult children. They have been ministering to children, youth, and adults in the city of Detroit for the past 28 years and have been with The Navigators since 2007.


Highland Park Community Outreach

The Weidmans founded the Highland Park Community Outreach with the Mission: “Renew the city through Discipling Urban Adults, Resourcing Urban Ministries, and Growing and Coaching Urban Leaders."


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