Staff and Ministries


Evie & Craig Chapman

Retirement? No way! Refocus? Yes!! The Chapmans moved into the City of Compton in 2012. Since then, they've helped to plant many new things: a community garden, a church in a residential neighborhood, and other gardens throughout the city.

God is very much at work in their lives using them to connect with neighbors of every race and background. They've joined the local Spanish missional community and are learning the language as well.

Craig and Evie have become grandma and grandpa to most everyone in the church community and have had many opportunities to share their love and lives with them.


Sherridan Ross

As an accomplished medical professional, Sherridan Ross traveled the world as a medical ambassador before practicing general medicine and neurosurgery in a variety of settings across California for 30 years. Sherridan retired in 2014 yet still serves as an advisor and consultant to doctors and hospitals around the world.

Sherridan currently works with a nonprofit, Metro Community Development Corp. in the city of Compton on developing community gardens, health and nutrition programs, healthy living programs, and enhanced organic food programs for elementary and middle schools in Compton and surrounding communities.

Susan & Bob Combs

Susan and Bob have spent the past 25 years living and ministering in Compton, a community in Los Angeles County. They are the parents of 3 wonderful children who help balance life and ministry. It is their privilege to live in such a diverse, welcoming community and to have the opportunity to share the love of Christ through words and deeds.


Mike & Tonya Herman

Mike and Tonya have served in Compton-area ministry since 1993. Mike focuses on youth development and discipleship and leads our Urban LaunchLab program. Tonya is the lead trainer and has developed Changing Spaces, a training to help groups, churches, and businesses understand the cultural structure of social class and poverty. She is involved in the youth development program, and mentors young people in the community.

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Metro CDC Ministries


Metro Community Development Corporation is an accumulation of over twenty years of ministering, partnering and implementing numerous youth and family development programs in the City of Compton and throughout Los Angeles County.

After years of working alongside the urban church across LA, we came together to focus on the city in which we live. We are a team of professionals, ministers, lay leaders and community members dedicated to loving and serving our city; having the vision to see it transformed.

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Stories from Compton