Meet Mikey

I have recently made a good friend named Mikey. He is in his thirties and often helps with maintenance at our facilities.

Sadly, Mikey has a few mental illnesses and struggles with such temptations as drugs and alcohol. The unfortunate thing with his struggle with alcohol is that when he stumbles in this area, it can harm him badly because of the side effects of his medications.

I love Mikey because of his honesty and his willingness to get back up and crawl into the arms of Jesus after he stumbles. His prayers are genuine and his repentance is true.

It brightens my day when he comes into the office in the morning. We share life and talk about God's Word and how desperate we both are for His grace. I didn't expect to become good friends with Mikey, but it's clear that God has put him in my life. His joy is a ministry of God's grace to me.

Pray for Mikey—that God would deliver him from temptation and continue to heal his mind. Pray for our relationship—that God would continue to show up mightily in our conversations. 

By the way, has God put a "Mikey" in your life? How can you be an encouragement this beloved person today? Who knows, maybe you'll be encouraged in the process! 

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