Generations in Compton

We remember Tim, from our youth group, as a skinny little kid walking to Compton High School trying to look tough. Tim was never gang affiliated but still had to act as tough as he could to avoid potential confrontations. Yet, underneath, Tim had a tender heart and concern for others.

After high school, Tim went to culinary school. Since graduating he has been a chef at the local FBI headquarters. He has radically changed his diet and is now completely vegan. Tim is passionate about healthy eating, and through Facebook has shared his desire to teach urban youth how healthy eating choices can positively impact their lives.

We knew he was the perfect person to teach our culinary class to younger men. Tim was so enthusiastic and thanked us for giving him the opportunity. (Ironic when we were the grateful ones! Who better to teach the class, a middle aged white couple or a young African American man from Compton?)

Honestly, we weren’t sure how the guys would respond to healthy eating when Cheetos and Coke are their staples, but they were very engaged. Tim’s passion was incredibly contagious.

In Tim’s words:

"This summer I was fortunate enough to spend some time with some incredible young men. I first had a group dialogue with them where I explained the physical, mental, and spiritual reasons of being health conscious. Then I took them shopping and showed them how to buy organic products and how to be mindful of the nutrient contents on the back of the package. I introduced them to the local health store that sells all organic and natural products right in their own neighborhood. Then I taught them how to cook safely and efficiently and ended with making fresh smoothies so they can get a grasp of getting nutrients and vitamins. The best part was at the end of the day listening to them retain so much information. I was so grateful for the opportunity."

It’s inspiring to see youth we worked with years ago develop their own calling for ministry in Compton. Tim used the gifts he has been given and now can impact the youth more effectively than we ever could. It takes a long time to see, but generations of Christ followers are going to change Compton!